STC Members

Lisa Crause (STC Chair and SALT Observatory Scientist)

David Buckley (SALT Project Scientist, former SALT Science Director and extremely active SALT user)

Matt Bershady (SAAO SARChI professor, Wisconsin SALT Board representative and fibre instrumentation specialist)

Paul Groot (SALT SARChI professor and principal investigator for MeerLICHT and the BlackGEM telescope array)

Joanna Mikołajewska (CAMK professor and highly productive SALT user)

Hermine Schnetler (Head of Systems Engineering at the UK Astronomy Technology Centre
and systems engineering consultant for the SAAO’s Intelligent Observatory project)

John Booth (retired McDonald Observatory and Hobby Eberly Telescope Chief Engineer, involved with SALT since 2000)

Raghunathan Srianand (IUCAA SALT Board representative and SALT user)